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About the Author

So you actually want to know about the author? Okay, here goes:

I have no sense of smell. Seriously.

I have have two amazing daughters.

My favorite color is green. Dark green. Like forest green, or English racing green.

I prefer cats to dogs, and tea over coffee. My favorite Indian dish is pulao. I also love burritos, lasagna, and shepherd's pie. Basically, I like dishes that are just big piles of food in a bowl.

As a person, I used to be pretty interesting, at least on paper. I have a black belt in Kenpo, I sailed through an electrical storm in the dead of night off Montauk Point, I've climbed mountains and jumped off cliffs, played drums in a couple rock bands, and spent a lot of time biking, kayaking, and archering. Archerying? Arching? Shooting arrows at things.

Still here? Okay, let's talk about writing!

I have been sketching fantasy maps and outlining fantasy stories since middle school, which was multiple decades ago. I remember making a diorama/3D map of The Hobbit in third grade. My favorite scenes in The Lord of the Rings books are Tom Bombadil's house and then the fleeting reference to a fox that sniffed at the sleeping heroes and then went on about his business. I used to love Conan the Barbarian stories, and Fafyrd and the Gray Mouser.

In high school, I wanted to finish writing a fantasy novel by graduation. I never even started. I had the same goal in college, where I started as an aerospace-rotor blade engineer and ended as an English Lit major, and still wrote nothing but bad poetry.

Somewhere in my early 20s I finished my first novel. It was a scifi-fantasy-western story called JUSTICE, and I barely remember anything about it. I may not even have a copy of it anymore. (See kids? I'm not even 40 yet and I'm already losing whole novels and not caring about it.)

I submitted lots of short stories to magazines like Asimov's, and got lots of handwritten rejections, which was pretty cool for me. Then I wrote a scifi novel that no agents wanted to rep, which became GHOSTS OF PARADISE. That led me to write the rejected scifi book HEIRS OF MARS, and that finally led to me writing the first rejected AETHERIUM book, which was called HALCYON at the time.

Then I gave up on trying to land an agent or an editor, and after reading lots of blogs about how other folks were making millions (millions, I tell ya!) by self-publishing on Amazon, I decided to follow suit. That was in the fall of 2010.

Since then, I've just been writing my fingers off (ew, gross image, sorry) and publishing everything online for you guys. And you've been very kind with your ratings and reviews, thank you for that.

I wrote some things for kids (ZELDA PRYCE and DAPHNE AND THE SILVER ASH), and I wrote things with other authors (DRIFTING ISLE CHRONICLES).

After writing the alt-history fantasy series AETHERIUM, and the Arabian-African fantasy series ANGELS AND DJINN, I really wanted to have more fun, just genuine fun with my fantasy writing. I wanted humor. I wanted to make fun of tropes. I wanted to celebrate diverse cultures and historical heroes that don't get enough play in the fantasy genre (in my opinion). So, I wrote ELF SAGA.

And in 2015, I was privileged to be tapped by Samuel Peralta to join his stable of fantasy and scifi authors for his ongoing Future Chronicles anthologies, which are amazing, please check them out. I'm in a bunch of them now! And that pretty much brings us up to date.

Oh sure, I have a whole other career during the daylight hours as a technical writer, which is pretty cool, working with scientists, engineers, programmers, doctors, historians, soldiers, and politicians to document new inventions and new ideas, but we all have to pay the bills somehow.

I love being part of the book world. I get to meet amazing writers and artists from all over the planet, sometimes to collaborate on joint projects, sometimes to hire contractors to help with my projects, and sometimes just to share experiences. I highly recommend it.

Standard closing line: I was born in Annapolis, attended the University of Maryland at College Park, and currently live in Maryland with my family, two cats, and one bag-worm infested pine tree.

©2017 - Joseph Robert Lewis