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Welcome to the world of Vaenos!

...where dragons are weapons of mass destruction, faeries are pests, mermaids are monsters, and everyone has long pointy ears!

This epic series spans many generations of heroic women across a century of chaos, war, plague, revolution, and every other crisis imaginable. But it's funny.

Let me be more specific.

ELF SAGA is a sprawling world of fantasy adventure. It's a playground for exploring all sorts of fantasy heroes and creatures, and spans many generations, time periods, and genres. But most importantly, ELF SAGA is fun.

Sure, there are serious moments, family drama, scares, suspense, and even the occasional death-by-dragon, but first and foremost this is a world of jokes and quips and winks where the characters like to lean on the fourth wall and enjoy the hell out of themselves.

Why? Because sometimes a book should just be fun. Actual fun.
That's why.

In the world of Vaenos, there are dozens of elven kingdoms full of dragon-taming mercenaries, unicorn-riding soldiers, faerie-commanding healers, dream-walking sages, cackling witches, grouchy shamans, clever inventors, swashbuckling sky-pirates, grim-faced gunslingers, pretty princesses, charming treasure hunters, murderous mermaids, over-protective mothers, and strangers from beyond the stars.

Each book stands alone as its own adventure, in its own unique time period with its own unique heroines. Yep, heroines. All of the main characters are women. In every book.

But together, these stories create an actual "saga" (take that, Candy Crush!) about several families full of adventurers, building on each other's discoveries (and screw-ups) to change their world from one generation to the next.

The first four books are the Iron Age stories: DOOMSDAY, BLOODLINES, PEACEMAKER, and SOLARPUNK.

They are all set 33 years apart and tell the tales of several families saving the world, saving themselves, saving strangers, and then saving the world again.

DOOMSDAY is a classic sword-and-sorcery tale of knights and princesses.

BLOODLINES is a darker adventure of pirates, lost cities, and ancient monsters.

PEACEMAKER is a weird western with gunslingers, ghosts, and lots of revenge.

And SOLARPUNK is a journey of healing and failure, and growing up... and being possessed by mermaids and destroying evil with a magic guitar. It's complicated.

Can you really just read one-and-done? Absolutely, with any of them. But if you read more, you'll see more and more connections in the background between the characters, their families, and their world as time passes, which is pretty cool too.

©2017 - Joseph Robert Lewis